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Generosity: The habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return.

Our team at Specialty Dental has been fortunate enough in years past to be in a posistion to help those in need. It is in no small part thanks to our valued clients whom have helped Specialty Dental grow into a company that is able to give back.  We look forward to taking part in many aid mission moving forward. 



'Mission of Hope', Haiti

Hi Peter,

I want to convey my sincerest thanks for the heroic efforts of you and your son to equip and install all of the dental equipment in the new clinic in San Jose Villaneuva, El Salvador recently.

Through this generosity , expertise , hard work and ingenuity your team at Specialty Dental have once again provided the facilities that will allow countless underprivileged adults and children
to receive the oral health care they so badly need.

I first witnessed your extreme kindness and caring a few years ago when we set up the dental clinic in Haiti after the earthquake . You are a very special person , using your amazing talents,working in extreme conditions to help make the lives of so many people better.

All of us on the dental teams from Speroway Charity applaud your efforts!!!!

Best regards
Jack Cottrell

Dr. Jack Conttrell and Peter in 'Mission of Hope', Haiti.

Installing the country's first panaramic X-Ray. 

Honduras, 2014

Health Outreach Dentistry for Honduras 2014

Each Year Seems to Get Better and Better

by Lisa Kerr

It is a remarkable thing that a group of volunteers who know very little about each other can come together for a week and create lasting memories and accomplish an incredible amount of dentistry in such a short time.
A major part of this year’s success was the contributions of dental technician Peter Kubista, owner of Specialty Dental and Dr. Lida Guevara. Peter was able to resolve issues with the dental equipment which not only helped volunteer dentists Dr. William Kerr and Dr. Michael Cusato treat more children but also meant Honduran dentist, Dr. Kenyl and Dr. Paul McPartland a Dentist from Ireland were equipped to carry on after our teams left. Having Dr. Lida Guevara, a dentist trained in Columbia, translate and assist the Honduran dentists meant the quality of dentistry the people of the village will receive going forward will be greatly enhanced. Thanks to Peter, the dentists were able to take and view digital radiographs using a digital sensor and the clinic was much quieter thanks to the dry- vac suction unit, donated by Ray Ralph of REM Equipment which was installed outside the clinic and protected from theft by a metal cage.

Both teams are grateful that Carly Sellers traveled from Mexico to join the brigades because Carly was able to schedule the dental clinic patients to make the most efficient use of the limited time available.

Team One also benefitted from the experience of veteran Dental Hygienists Christine Marsh and Lindsay Van Dyk who have made multiple trips to Honduras. Dental Hygienist, Sarah McNally, quickly learned that the children of El Porvenir are delightful and really need to have their teeth cleaned! J.J. Kerr assisted Dr. Bill Kerr throughout week one and will enter University of Toronto dental school in the fall having observed a solid week of composite fillings, extractions and root canals. Steve and Lisa Kerr kept instruments sterilized and available for the hygienists and dentists respectively.

Team Two had two new volunteers. Dental assistant Alana McLean worked with Dr. Cusato in the dental clinic and Dental Hygienist, Lindsay Reddings, worked alongside returning hygienists Cathleen Johnston and Lindsay Van Dyk.

We are grateful to Sam and the rest of the team at Brentwood Dental Labs, who donated 2 partial dentures for patients in Honduras who were missing front teeth. One young man is also benefiting from an orthodontic appliance designed to correct severely protruding front teeth.

Team One

Anne Fowler, Steve Kerr, Nathan LeSueur, Carly Sellers, Peter Kubista, Dr. Lida Guevara, Christine Marsh, Katlyn McConnell, Lindsay Van Dyk, Lisa Kerr, J.J. Kerr, Sarah McNally, Dr. Bill Kerr


Team Two 

Carly Sellers, Lindsay Van Dyk, Lindsay Reddings, Nathan LeSueur, Alana MacLean, Dr. Michael Cusato, Cathy Johnston, Anne Fowler

Colombia 2015

In October 2015 the Specialty Dental team worked to donate and install a complete clinic in a remote Colombian village. In our office the entire team worked to complete testing and quality control on the equipment. Our next step as packing the equipment into a crate to make the long journey by boat to Colombia. Once the equipment arrived some team members made the flight to Cartagena followed by a four hour car ride to the village where we would be setting up the clinic. For the next two days we completed the installation of a full chair package, compressor and suction system. The locals welcomed us and we enjoyed the mangos grown outside the clinic and local food. The mission was successful and allowed our team including Matthew, Peter, Stephanie and Lida to give back.   


The entire project was funded and organized by Specialty Dental Ltd. 

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